A little dice has to traverse some levels with the help of his stationary dice friends giving them their powers.


Move Arrows/WASDAnalog / D-pad
Jump Space A, Cross, B
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)


dicer.exe 39 MB


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Level 5: Died a lot of times because I was playing with keyboard. Once I connected a controller, I passed it in 2 tries :D

Super fun!

Really loving the game. I tried first with keyboard but then switched to a controller and it was a very cool experience!

It took me a moment to realize the meaning of the dice. I think some kind of basic levels or tutorial would be good for players not used to platformers in general. Otherwise, nice :D

BTW, I only needed the 2 in level 5. Not sure if that was intended (most likely it was), but I want to believe I discovered a shortcut :P

Loving the game. I think with slightly tweaked level design the player can learn the mechanics a bit easier / ease into the difficulty. 

That being said it didn't take away from the game itself. Just slightly changed the experience.

Thanks Zemeck for playing it and the thoughtful feedback!

Yea I agree, the level design needs some work in general. It becomes hard really quick.

Ver nice and simple game arya-s! I completed it and had a great experience. I can see this concept as a really interesting mechanic further expanded. Keep it up!


Hey, thank you for the nice feedback even though I couldn't even submit on time